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  • 24 May 2019

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Organic farming compared with agricultural farming uses fewer pesticides, reduces soil erosion, decreases nitrate leaching into groundwater and surface water, and recycles animal wastes back into the farm. In a span of 60 years, there had been a drastic change in the population. But we were still using the conventional methods of food production which failed to feed the total population in our country.

Green revolution was a unique event in the agricultural history of Independent India that led to an increase in food grain production which saved us from the disasters of hunger and starvation. However, the green revolution caused greater long term sociological and financial problems for the people.

To overcome these issues we need to proclaim the practice of organic farming and reduce the production and consumption of inorganic products.

The scope of organic farming is tremendously increasing as it have high nutritional value and is free from pesticides and fertilizers, according to some research. But the availability of organic products are limited and people don’t find a platform to buy these products. This is mainly because of lack of awareness.

 Inorder to overcome this challenge people had started developing organic farming websites which helps in buying organic products such as organic vegetables, fruits, grains, daily products & eggs, meats etc.

Isn’t it sound great to start an online farming websites to sell pesticide free vegetables and grains ? Yes ! People already introduced website for buying and selling organic products.


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